1. Design Map

The exercises are started by considering what design really is. Design wants to play hide-and-seek with you and you have to find it. Slogans What Is Design? and Let’s Find Design! are based on a game of hide and seek familiar to children. You will look for design in your own environment and in newspapers.

You will make a design map together, which will provide (a simplified) framework for the concept of design. The significance of discussion is central to this workshop. You will give names to various design professionals: a furniture designer or carpenter, a park planner, shoe designer etc. The pictures that are cut out of the paper will be placed collage-style on the map along the design path.


What is design? 

Let's find design!

How to Approach the Concept of Design with a Preschool-Aged Child

Design Is Playing Hide-and-Seek with Us

It is like an elf that makes everything work, but has anyone ever seen it? It is right in front of us and at our feet, but we are so familiar with it that we only notice it if it starts playing us up.  When it throws a tantrum, nothing works. If it is in a bad mood it hurts you, feels too tight or uncomfortable. Functional design feels, looks and sounds good. Living with it is wonderful and life is easy going. It gets things rolling. Design is shape and form. Good design is like a treasure that must be found, seen, discovered and it must be cherished.

Well, Where Is This Design Then?

It is in tables and chairs, in toys and slides. It is in walls and toilet bowls. It is in televisions and saucepans. All the objects and things that we use or with which we move about has been planned and designed by a human being.

All of this is design.